Thursday, December 31, 2009

Allergy reducing vegetables rich in folates

Eat plenty of foods rich in folate.

1. romaine lettuce and
2. spinach, consider
3. asparagus,
4. broccoli, and
5. beans.
6. cucumber
7. Avocado

They make a healthful, delicious salad. Half a cup of raw spinach contains 100 mcg of folic acid. Add four spears of asparagus and half a cup of broccoli and you’re up to 235 mcg.

Throw in some garbanzo beans, cucumbers, and avocado and you’ve got a meal packed with allergy-reducing folate.

Folate can be destroyed by numerous pharmaceuticals, such as antacids, antidepressants, diabetic drugs, and many others.If you take any of these medications and have allergies, a folate deficiency may be why.

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