Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weight loss naturally

Three strategy

1. Low carb diet

2. By taking Virgin Coconut Oil... two measured tablespoons and dissolve it into something warm every morning such as hot water, coffee, or tea.

3. Iodine supplements.

VCO contains saturated fat in forms of MCFAs. The intestines rapidly absorb the fatty acids in coconut oil and they go directly to the liver. When these fatty acids reach the liver, it converts them directly into ketones. This direct conversion of fatty acids to ketones is why coconut oil is so healthy for human.

 The effects of ketones :
1.  brain-enhancing effect - Other than glucose, the brain also can produce energy from ketones. In fact, when the brain uses ketones to produce energy, it can produce up to 25% more energy than it can when it uses glucose. And here’s the best news. Even though aging and diseased brains lose their ability to burn glucose effectively, they do not lose their ability to burn ketones. They can burn ketones just as effectively as healthy brains. 

2.Improve your body’s ability to burn fat 

3.Hunger decreasing effect -

4.Appetite suppressing -

5. Improve energy production - One of the reasons that fat people become fat is that their metabolisms are so much less efficient. They can eat the food, but they just don’t burn it as well. And because of this, their bodies tend to store the food as fat rather than burn it as a fuel. But ketones can improve cellular energy production by as much 25%, and offset this condition. 

6. Increase the ability of the cells in the body to respond to the hormone insulin - Insulin has the effect of decreasing the body’s ability to burn fat. And when it doesn’t work as well, the body compensates by making more of it. And the more insulin your body makes, the more it blocks fat burning.  But Ketones cause insulin to work better, so the body will makes less insulin. This frees up more fat to be burned for energy. And the result is increased fat loss. So ketones also a treatment for insulin resistance.

If STILL having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, most likely due to iodine deficiency. So consider taking iodine.

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