Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Graves' disease

1. Check  iodine levels. Why? Classical signs of iodine deficiency - Fibrocystic breast disease, Graves’ disease, menstrual cramps, heavy menses, and brittle fingernails. 

Started on a combination of iodine (one drop of Lugol’s solution), along with 9.6 mg of lithium orotate. The reason for using iodine is obvious. But why the lithium? to counter depressions and also suppress the thyroid.Plus Flaxseed oil and Vit E to prevent toxicity.

If breast disease and the heavy periods persisted,  there was a problem other than iodine deficiency. Another common cause of both these symptoms is a low level of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone deficiency is a common problem in young women, but it is almost always an issue in women in their 40s.Ultimately, these conditions responded to a combination of progesterone replacement, vitamin B6, and magnesium. I prescribed the B6 and magnesium because it works with progesterone. And is often needed in progesterone deficiencies.

The other issue was that when thyroid gland was steadily healing, adjust lithium and iodine levels every two to three months to the changes in her thyroid status.

And then a year later, patient will need thyroid hormone replacement. Why thyroid hormones? Didn’t patient already have too much thyroid hormone?
Well, yes, at one point . But now, a year later, the Graves’ disease was cured, and patient was no longer hyperthyroid. In fact, the thyroid was starting to become more like the thyroid of the average 48 year old — an under-functioning thyroid.

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