Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carpal tunnel Syndrome

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are caused by a compression on the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel usually due to repetitive work that results in trauma and/or inflammation to the wrist such as  people do a lot of uninterrupted typing, grocery checking, knitting, etc.

The known pre-conditions that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome include
1. cervical (neck) subluxation,
2. weight gain,
3. hypothyroidism,
4. arthritis,
5. diabetes, and
6. vitamin deficiencies- B vitamins  - Take a B-complex capsule containing 50 mg of each of the B-vitamins, along with 100 mg of vitamin B6 twice a day.

The Single Most Effective Treatment : ozone therapy
The technique for treating carpal tunnel syndrome with ozone is as follows.

1. Inject 0.5 cc of a special form of B12 called methyl-B12, 0.5 cc B6, and 1.0 cc of 2% buffered procaine just under the skin (sub-q) over the underside of the wrist.

2. Then inject 2 cc of ozone at a concentration of 10 gamma in the same area.

Do this treatment once a week until the symptoms are gone.

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