Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Follow a simple protocol for the next three months. Here’s the protocol I’ve found to work the best:

(1) Advanced Prostate Formula — take one tablet twice a day. You can order this potent prostate supplement from Advanced Bionutritionals by calling 800-791-3395.

(2) Next, take one scoop of my Super Immune QuickStart twice a day.

(3) Get a juicer and combine 4 oz of fresh organic carrot juice, 4 oz of fresh organic green apple juice, and one teaspoon of fresh ginger. Take this three times a day.

(4) Lastly, change your diet so that you eat very little meat and dairy. Concentrate almost exclusively on fresh vegetables and fruit.

If you see improvement, just keep doing it until you can manage your symptoms.

If you see no improvement, you probably need the surgery.

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