Friday, January 1, 2010

Heart Attack Proof

There are plenty of ways to lower your risk of heart attack without taking aspirin.

Risk factor ( increase blood viscosity)-Chol, smoking, obesity,diabetes,BP,Gender, Blood count and age.

Risk factor - waist size, BP, low HDL, Fasting Blood sugar,Trig- Metabolic Syndrome. Others Homocysteine, CRP, fibrolytic activity.

3-tired strategy : Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements.

1. Eat a low glycemic load diet. High fat-high protein diet

Carb sugars and starches spike your blood sugar levels, later trigger insulin to deal with it. Elevated insulin levels have been linked to greater risk of heart disease. The best method for keeping your blood sugars level is to follow a low glycemic index diet.

BUT Avoid trans fat- increased risk of heart disease by margerine, peanut butter, crackers.SEE labels hydrogenated oils which means trans fat.

2. Get moving. Interval exercise

Interval workouts help you build a stronger heart in as little as 10 – 12 minutes a day.You see, heart attacks usually occur when people are at rest or when they make a sudden high demand on their heart. PACE trains your heart to handle these sudden increases in demand. That’s something aerobic training doesn’t do.

3. Lower your homocysteine level.

Elevated homocysteine levels triple your risk of heart attack.
If it’s above 8, you can bring it down safely with B vitamins. by taking a supplement of vitamin B2 (25 mg), B6 (25 mg), B12 (500 mcg) and folate (800 mcg).

4. Take CoQ10.

CoQ10 lowers blood pressure,it improves virtually every health issue associated with heart failure.Recommended dose 100 mg of the ubiquinol form per day.

5. Reduce blood viscosity - by blood donation/shedding.

6. Seanol- antioxidants/polyphenols/flavanoids

7. Resveratrol

8. Essential Phospholipid

9. Potasium and magnesium

10. Periodontal disease and ED - increase risk of heart attack

Target Haematocrit- 29.

Linus Pauling Protocol

Vit C Ascorbic acid 6- 18g daily
Lysine 2-6 g daily

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