Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Allergies are immune system overreacting to substances in environment.

Controlled by adrenal hormones- cortisol- Too much- weakened immunity, Too Little- overreactive immune system.

Causes of cortisol deficiency- Adrenal Fatigue.

Strategy to cure Allergy : Strengthen , Rest and Rebuild the Adrenal. Usually takes 3 months to restore back a healthy adrenal.

Strengthen : Supplements- Vit B5, Licorice, Adrenal gland extract.
Prescription- Hydrocortisone 5-10mg bd x few months till adrenal
working properly.

Rest and rebuild : Enough Sleep, Avoid high GI carb, avoid stimulants like coffee, Detox with Pectasol, reduce allergen exposure, avoid allergy-producing food eg soy, peanuts, gluten, eggs, and milk.

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