Friday, January 22, 2010

Back pain

Magnesium oil
Vitamin D supplements

Low back pain in men is almost 100% a problem in the lower back.

But low back pain in women is often not caused by a problem in the back, but by problems in the internal pelvic ligaments- “my back hurts, and I also feel discomfort in my hips,” or “my back pain is worse during my period,” or “it started to bother me after a child birth,” that’s a tip-off that it’s referred pain from the pelvis.

Other cause need to consider : different leg lengths- apply lift or custom orthotics for arch support problem.

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  1. Hi,
    May I add toxins as a very common cause of back pain.
    Many people, if not most, are getting rid of their lower back pain when detoxing.
    Also enemas, which also is detoxing, can help a lot.

    Many people, me included, get their back in order simply by using Chlorine Dioxide a few days.

    This indicates toxins/pathogens from bowel/intestine can affect muscles etc lower back area.
    If you think about it the intestine and colon are very close to the lower back.